Lunar New Year – Ministerial message – Minister Dalidakis

In Victoria, we celebrate our multiculturalism with pride. We embrace and celebrate the many customs and traditions that have become part of our diverse state – Lunar New Year, Spring Festival, Tết and Seollal included.

This year Victoria’s Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Singaporean and other Asian communities will join in the festivities as we celebrate the Year of the Dog.

People born of this year are said to be truthful, just, honest and loyal – qualities that make up the very best of human nature.

These are exceptional qualities for any person to have, and traits I see often in the international students I interact with.

Lunar New Year is a time for celebration and it is a time to reunite with family, friends and loved ones.

For international students, it can be a challenge to live away from family and friends, particularly during celebrations and special occasions. However, Study Melbourne is committed to making sure that all students have the best possible experience as they celebrate this special time of year in their home away from home.

To make this time of year extra special, Melbourne and Victoria will come alive with a huge number of events, performances and activities that you are all invited to participate in.

You will be treated to spectacular light shows, lion and dragon dancing performances, exquisite culinary experiences and new year countdown events throughout Victoria.

I wish everyone, especially the international students studying in Victoria and their families here and at home, a happy, safe and enjoyable Lunar New Year. I am sure it will be a prosperous Year of the Dog.

Hon Philip Dalidakis MP
Minister for Trade and Investment

Hon Philip Dalidakis MP