The Study Melbourne Language & Internship Program in China is a four-year partnership between the Victorian Government and the China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE). This eight-week program offers Victorian tertiary students the opportunity for language study, cultural engagement and an internship placement.

The program includes three-weeks of language study at a Chinese university and a five-week internship placement at a globally reputable company in China.

Stewart Bisset, Australia

'I have really enjoyed spending time learning about Chinese culture and exploring the city, learning about how things are done differently here than back home. It has helped me to realise that there are so many different ways of achieving something and that there is no single correct answer. I was so happy that we were paired with a buddy, it is really great to make friends. The Chinese classes have been fantastic and the support is amazing. The program is really fantastic.'

Who can apply

The program is open to domestic and international students, aged 18 and above, who are currently enrolled full time in a tertiary education qualification at a Victorian university. We encourage students from all disciplines to apply.

An immersive experience in China for Victorian university students

The Study Melbourne Language & Internship Program gives students an immersive experience in Chinese language and helps them to develop professional skills to communicate across cultures. It also provides substantive work experience to jump-start their careers in today’s competitive job market.

The first round of the program runs between 4 December 2017 and 26 January 2018 in Beijing, China.

In 2017, Study Melbourne provided 25 scholarships of up to 3500 dollars each student to undertake the program. Through this program, participants build on their Asia capabilities and become business, cultural and educational ambassadors for Victoria.

How to get involved

We expect the second round of the program will take place in late 2018. Please contact your university to find out how to get involved.

Contact for general enquiries

For general information about the Study Melbourne Language & Internship Program in China, contact Angela Yao, Project Officer, Student Initiatives, International Education by email at

Jason Cheetham, Australia

'The program has certainly met my expectations! The language course was incredible. The teachers were (and this is not an exaggeration) some of the best teachers I have had in my life, for any subject. They were engaging, patient and caring and pushed us out of our comfort zone in a very good way. The internship placement was tailored perfectly and clearly took into account my degree/area of study and career objectives and interests.'

Samantha Lim, Malaysia

'I’ve learnt more about the Chinese culture, food and tradition. The Chinese class is really helpful and the teachers were amazing! Definitely met my expectation.'