SummerTech LIVE matches the digital technology needs of Victorian businesses with innovative tertiary students to solve problems over the summer.

Students have the opportunity to partner with businesses and educators to:

  • create innovative projects
  • develop job-ready skills
  • deliver technology-related solutions
  • improve their employability outcomes.

How does SummerTech LIVE work?

Over the course of 10 to 12 weeks, students work through real-world business problems with their expert supervisors and small businesses in Victoria.

Developing T-shaped skills

SummerTech LIVE helps digital technology graduates develop ‘T-shaped’ skills. People with T-shaped skills combine strong technical expertise and generalist business skills to meet industry demand.

Real life student stories

Over the summer of 2016-17, 31 students collaborated on 18 projects with 21 business partners as part of the Victorian Government’s SummerTech LIVE pilot.

Forty nine per cent of the students participating were international students.

The tertiary institutes included Deakin University, Federation University, RMIT, Swinburne University and TAFE and the University of Melbourne.

SummerTech LIVE pilot projects

These projects are examples of the SummerTech LIVE pilot projects.

Deakin University

Students from the Deakin University Centre for Advanced Design in Engineering Training (CADET) Virtual Reality (VR) Laboratory partnered with Deakin University’s Graduate Employment Division and SEW Eurodrive to develop a new VR tool designed to provide access and equity to an authentic job interview experience.

The tool will be developed by a diverse team of Deakin School of Engineering students and validated with SEW Eurodrive to develop a culturally appropriate and responsive tool suitable for users form different cultures.

Swinburne University

Students from Swinburne University’s School of Software and Electrical Engineering investigated a monitoring platform for an Electronic Business Messaging Exchange System, developed by LayerSecurity.

They developed a prototype graphical management console to monitor and report on the network. The prototype, investigated possible technologies, tools and language options for the consoleby simulating network transactions in a database as well as prototyping the console, with the aim of getting lots of interesting graphs and insights into how the network is operating.

Find out more about SummerTech LIVE

The Victorian Government will support up to two students per project with a $5,000 studentship with matched financial and/or in-kind support from the business and education partners.

Students looking to improve their professional skills and gain experience solving real world problems via digital solutions are encouraged to sign up for SummerTech LIVE via their education institute.

For more information, please contact Kelly Hutchinson at or Helen Paraskevopoulos at