Julie Gaburro

France, Deakin University

International Student of the Year – Research (joint winner)

Julie Gaburro

Julie is currently completing her PhD in Philosophy at the Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation, Deakin University. Prior to undertaking her doctorate, Julie completed her Masters by Research degree in Ecophysiology and Ethology at Strasbourg University in France. She has published four journal papers, a conference paper and two book chapters. The main driving scientific question that she investigates during her PhD  is ‘what are the neurobiological mechanism driving behaviours, and how  do alteration due to disease or environmental factors alter behaviour? Julie’s ultimate career goal is to open her own lab to pursue her research.

International Student  of the Year – Research: Julie Gaburro. See more videos like this on the Study Melbourne YouTube channel.

Video transcript

I came to study in Melbourne and in Geelong because of this fantastic opportunity to start a collaboration between Deakin University and the CSIRO to do a PhD. It was a multidisciplinary project which I really enjoy and I think it will get a lot of results in my field of work.  

This award means a lot personally because it awards all my achievements over the last three years and also means a lot to my friends and family and finally as an international student. I think it represents a lot for those who would like to study in Australia, Victoria and Melbourne.