Case study:
Regional engagement

Prachi’s story: an outstanding regional study experience in Geelong

Prachi Muchhala arrived in Australia in February 2020 to study a Master of Landscape Architecture course at Deakin University. She chose to study in Geelong, the largest regional city in Victoria, because of its relaxed lifestyle, as well as its diverse and welcoming communities.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Prachi received lots of support from the tight-knit local community and fellow international students. That’s why she decided to give back by joining the Study Geelong program as a Student Ambassador, promoting the region to international students as a friendly place to live, learn and explore. By participating in Study Geelong’s International Friends Program and other events, including free swimming lessons, Beach and Surf Awareness Days and coffee catch-ups, Prachi immersed herself in the local culture and discovered the confidence to connect and engage with other international students and the local community.

Prachi also volunteered with the Rotaract Club of Djilang (Geelong), where she dedicated herself to community service and made friends with other international and local students, as well as young professionals. Prachi served as the Co-director of the Fellowship Sub-committee, which gave her an excellent opportunity to learn more about, and feel a part of, her ‘home away from home’.

“Geelong is among the best places to live in Victoria. It offers the best of both worlds: the hustle and bustle of a city and the calmness of a country town, with beautiful landscape of the ocean and trees complementing each other.”