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About Belle
About Belle

Belle Lim completed a PhD degree in cancer genetics at Monash University and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre. In 2019 Belle Lim won the Victorian Premier's Award for International Student of the Year and the Victorian International Education Award for Research International Student of the Year.

Belle is Convenor and Curator of Future Female, a network where international students and culturally and linguistically diverse women are supported to thrive and advance gender equality, cultural inclusion and female leadership in Australia. In 2022, Belle was a finalist in the Victoria Volunteering Leadership Award in 2022 and received a Gold Medal from Monash University in 2017.

Belle currently works at Deloitte Access Economics, where she contributes to projects that help advance health and social policy in Australia.

Victoria is the best destination for international students.

Melbourne is where I accomplished my academic pursuits at world-class institutions. I obtained my Bachelor degree in 2017 and more recently completed my PhD at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Monash University - ranked number one in the world for Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

Victoria is a place that inspires innovation and inclusion. Like myself, many international students are eager for a bigger future and transformative opportunities, which are accessible in Victoria. With the support of Study Melbourne, I founded Future Female, a growing initiative that empowers, inspires and connects international students and diverse women with skills, networks and ideas.

Since 2018, Future Female has attracted more than 1,600 participants, many of whom have gone on to have significant impact. By raising the profile of female international students, Future Female assigns value to our cultural diversity and galvanises motivated women from around the world. Future Female also connects with Victorian business leaders who have become advocates for international student inclusion and success.

In addition to academic pursuits, the diverse and welcoming community in Victoria enables endless opportunities to explore your interests and talents. Through various leadership positions, I have worked with dozens of student volunteers. One of the highlights was in my role as National President of the Council of International Students Australia (CISA) in 2020-21, where I advocated for over 550,000 international students.

I came here to pursue an education, a dream and a future of my own.

You too can discover yourself in Victoria.

Dr Belle Lim
Cancer Genetics PhD
Victorian International Student of the Year 2019 Future Female Founder and Convenor
President, Council of International Students Australia 2020-21