Shortlisted for the Vocational Education and Training Category of the 2020 Melbourne Writers Festival's storytelling competition 'Bold New World'.

The Power of Imagination

By Rocio Gardey

What if I tell you that by using your imagination you can have a better life? A better world? What if you dedicate a space each day of your life to think in a total different way that will take you to a state where you can forget about time, yourself, about everything?.

I will introduce you what I call ‘the power of imagination’. I love every part of it. Have you ever use your imagination?. Of course you have. I believe that every person see the world in a different way. Some of us we are more emotional, some people more rational, every person is completely different. We travel around the world to discover new things, to explore other places, to immerse ourselves in another culture, to know ourselves better. We can also go to the theatre, to a concert, watch a movie in the cinema. What about reading a book? You don’t have to travel anywhere, you just let your imagination flow, creating a story in your mind full of images about the story that you are reading. Isn’t fascinating?. The best part of it is that we can do the same thing in our lives! We can create anything we want in our minds! Doesn’t matter if we are not travelling or going to another place. So I started to think about it lately. Look what is happening now. We can’t even go to see someone that we love or even us, as international students, we can’t go to our countries, crazy ha?

I think I’ve never spent so much time with myself. Even though I love to be alone and have my space, but I love to be with people, know new people, discover new places, new cultures, new languages. But at the same time while I’m travelling I’ve always miss my family, friends, my culture so much!. So what can we do now?. I truly believe that this special moment has to mean something. And I think for every person is different, but at the same time we are in the same situation all of us at the same time! Crazy!.

I believe that every situation in our lives has to mean something. It is. I truly believe that this is the perfect moment to take care of ourselves more than ever!. We are the person that we need to take care! I heard so many times ‘Love yourself’ but even if I understood I didn’t take care of myself the way that I take care of the ones that I love.

Take this present moment, take it now, and start thinking about yourself. Use your imagination of what life do you want to live, what is the best thing that you can do to love yourself, to take care of yourself. Learn something new, dance your favorite song, tell someone that you love him/her. Use your heart, feel yourself deep inside you. Move your body, eat something nice!. Make a date for just yourself! Read a great book. Start your own book. Discover yourself. Once you start to use your imagination anything can happen. Go beyond and go with yourself. Now you are at home.