Melbourne is a hot spot for high quality research collaborations and has one of the highest number of inner city research collaborations in the world.

  • In 2015, Melbourne had 209 research partnerships, compared to Sydney with 64.
  • Melbourne secured 43 per cent of Australian research grants and 43 per cent of funding in 2016.

The epicentre of science collaborations in Melbourne is the Parkville precinct allowing institutions to draw on the strengths of their neighbours to tackle global challenges.

Institutions and research centres

Institutions include:

  • Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute
  • Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
Balaji Trichy Narayanaswamy's story

Balaji Trichy Narayanaswamy's story

The universities have a fantastic reputation and my lecturers are world class.

Balaji Trichy Narayanaswamy, India
Read Balaji Trichy Narayanaswamy's story
Balaji Trichy Narayanaswarmy