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When you start a new job your employer may ask you to complete a national police check. If your job involves contact with children you may also need to do a Working with Children check.

National Police Record checks

Victoria Police provides a service to all Victorians who want a National Police Certificate for employment, voluntary work or other reasons.

If you are on a temporary visa like a Student visa or a Temporary Graduate visa, the Police Record Check is done by the Australian Federal Police.

How to apply

Australia Post offers a Police check service. Find out more on the Police checks page on the Australia Post website.

When you apply for a National Police Record check or a Working with Children Check you need to provide identification. Have it ready before you start your application.

Read more on our Identification and proof of age page.

Working with children check

The Working with Children Check is a screening process that checks criminal records and whether a person has been reported by a professional body for misconduct.

It is necessary for any job where you are in direct, unsupervised contact with children while doing your job.

When you complete the Working with Children Check successfully you receive a Working with Children Card.

Your employer should tell you if you need to do a Working with Children Check.

The check is not just for paid employees. You may also need to do a check if you are a volunteer and doing child-related work. 

How to apply

Visit the Working with Children Check website.