There are many kinds of volunteer opportunities available.

Volunteering is often community-based and can be an excellent way to meet local people and contribute your skills. Many volunteers gain new skills and make new friends.

Volunteering Victoria

Volunteering Victoria is a good place to find out about volunteering in Victoria.

To learn more about opportunities to volunteer, other people's journeys in volunteering, and other useful tips, read the page For Volunteers.

Cristina Magbojos's story

Cristina Magbojos's story

I think students really, sometimes, want to focus on studies and do work, but I think it's good to have a work/study/life balance.

Cristina Magbojos, The Philippines
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Cristina Magbojos
Andrea Mayorga's story

Andrea Mayorga's story

First, forget any preconceptions you have. Second, try. Go out from your comfort zone. I think volunteering is a good way to start that.

Andrea Mayorga, Colombia
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Andrea Mayorga
Don Doughty's story

Don Doughty's story

We took a huge leap coming over to a foreign country, and why does it need to stop there?

Don Doughty, Malaysia
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Don Doughty
Olena Nguyen's story

Olena Nguyen's story

I like the saying ‘Volunteers do not necessarily have time, they just have the heart’. Volunteering has made some of the most memorable moments in my life.

Olena Nguyen, Vietnam
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Olena Nguyen
Carlos Espinal's story

Carlos Espinal's story

I met so many people who have started with a voluntary job and now they are working. They have become valuable because they built networks there.

Carlos Espinal, Colombia
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Carlos Espinal

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