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Video transcript for Wing Yan Chan, VIEA winner – Research

Wing Yan Chan from Hong Kong, China

It's a great honour, I know there are a lot of brilliant students out there in Victoria. ‘

I have spoken to a couple finalists and they are just some amazing people that are pursuing their passion here in Melbourne so I am very, very honoured to be able to get this Award and also very humble at the same time.

Melbourne is fantastic. I am very glad that I made the decision to come over here. It is very dynamic. It's very vibrant. It's like the whole world in just one city. You get all of these different people and also the thing I love about Victoria is that you actually get to connect with a lot of people, not just in your own home institute but with other institutes as well.

This is actually is going to go towards my expedition to Antarctica, which we're going to promote gender inequality and also climate change in Antarctica. It is one of the expeditions that is taking 70 female scientists across the world to talk about climate change and the Award funding is actually going to go toward that so that will be a fantastic experience.