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The State of Victoria, Australia holds copyright of the content of this website, including downloads, web pages, images and videos, except where we tell you that someone else holds the copyright.

You must not use our content for commercial purposes

Under the Copyright Act 1968, you may not reproduce the content on this website for any commercial purposes.

How you may use the content on this website

The Act allows you to use the information on this website for limited in-house or non-commercial use such as private study, research, criticism or review.

If you use the content on this website you must:

  • acknowledge the copyright owner
  • claim no official connection to the content or the copyright holder
  • make any material available without charge or any cost
  • avoid presenting the content in an inaccurate, misleading or derogatory way.

Contact us for more information

If you have any concerns regarding copyright, please contact us.