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When you are thinking about studying in Melbourne, Victoria, search for universities, colleges and schools that offer courses or research opportunities that suit you.

Our course finder is a good way to find courses based on the subject area you are interested in.

Consider location and culture

Student life involves more than books and courses. While you're studying and living in Melbourne and Victoria, you'll also have opportunities to experience Melbourne lifestyle and experiences.

Check the website of your chosen university, college or school to find out what activities they offer for students. Some education institutions are in the centre of Melbourne and others are outside the CBD in the broader metropolitan area (e.g. Monash University in Clayton) or in regional Victoria.

Connect to Study Melbourne's Facebook page to find out more about student life in Melbourne.

Course finder

The Study Melbourne course finder is on our Home page. Enter the name of a course or a university college or school into the search box and click Search to see results.