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  • Vishwesh Meda is a graduate of RMIT University
  • He is now an IT Professional working for a global IT leader, SAP Labs

For most people, moving to a new country and a new city is overwhelming. RMIT made me feel welcome and gave me a sense of belonging as soon as I enrolled.

Speaking from his office at SAP Labs in Bangalore, India, the IT professional is working for a global leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, database, analytics, intelligent technologies and experience management. He’s based in what is widely recognised as India’s centre of high-tech development, working alongside the best of the best.

Vishwesh always dreamt of a career in development and was passionate about contributing to the booming IT industry in his home country, rather than seek international career opportunities. He did, however, also dream of completing a Master of Information Technology and knew that to get the best possible start to his career, he needed to study abroad.

Over the past five years, both of his dreams have become reality.

“I chose to study at RMIT in Melbourne for a number of reasons. I’d heard wonderful things about the city and knew that it would be safe. I’d also heard great things about the innovative teaching methods and was really drawn to the fact that I’d not just be learning the theory, but also test the practical application of it,” says Vishwesh.

His Melbourne experience started even before he’d left his home country.

“For most people, moving to a new country and a new city is overwhelming. RMIT made me feel welcome and gave me a sense of belonging as soon as I enrolled. The university shared really useful information about student life and gave us tips and insights that made the journey ahead feel exciting, rather than daunting. They even sent us some sunscreen, reminding us to pack for a hot summer ahead!”

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Once in Melbourne, Vishwesh fell in love with a city that he says feels immediately welcoming, friendly and clean.  

“I couldn’t believe how clean it was and how green it felt. There are parks and trees, even in the heart of the city, and the infrastructure in Melbourne is amazing. It’s really easy to get around and there’s always people around to help if you have questions,” he says, highlighting that the university in particular had an incredible team of people focused solely on assisting students with any challenges they might face.

Once settled into his new life, Vishwesh dived head-first into his studies and was immediately struck by how different the student environment was compared to his home country.

RMIT is so different from the universities at home. All my lecturers in Melbourne had at least a decade of real-life experience in a corporate environment, and they were constantly updating the course material. They were cutting-edge and as a result, we learnt about the latest systems, processes and technologies – something that is hugely important when you work in a field like IT where things change daily.

“Our assignments were like mini projects. We had to put the theory taught in the classrooms into practice and deliver work that was similar to what future employers would expect from us. It made the learning real and really prepared me for life post my studies. Unlike other candidates, I was able to demonstrate my practical experience and understanding of the latest developments in my areas of interest. I have no doubt that my Master of Information Technology and the work I did as a student during my time in Melbourne has been critical in getting me to where I am today,” says Vishwesh.