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  • Wendy Wang is a graduate of Deakin University
  • She is currently Executive Director of Chuanshen Agricultural Development Co.Ltd, a successful agriculture business in her hometown

Studying in Melbourne really opened another world for me. I met people from all over the world and the insights into different colures and beliefs broadened my perspective. I feel like I am now part of a global network.

Chinese Wendy Wang became a global citizen so that she could become a local hero. Now the Executive Director in a successful agricultural business in her hometown, she spent 2 years in Melbourne studying a Master of Communication at Deakin University before she felt ready to make an impact in the area she loves so much.

“The experiences and skills I acquired in Melbourne gave me the opportunity to come back and make a difference in the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in our society – the poor and the children who live in this very rural area. My work is full of challenge, but I love it,” Wendy says, acknowledging that she’s using skills learnt both within and outside the classroom every day.

“On any given day, I might be doing anything from strategic business management and future planning to reviewing our investments, diving into our budgets or considering our marketing execution, HR management and negotiate with our partners.

“No one day is the same and the challenges require both technical knowledge as well as emotional intelligence – and I learnt both of those while in Melbourne”, she says.

Wendy felt immediately welcome when she arrived in Melbourne, but made a point of constantly challenging herself during her stay – she wanted to get the most out of her time and knew that to do that, she needed to not only embrace a new way of learning, but also make an effort to be open to new friendships and cultural experiences.

Wendy Wang_Alumni

“For some students, arriving in a new city and a new country might be really overwhelming. Speaking in a different language can be hard, and it certainly was for me initially. But I quickly learnt that there was great support through the university, and I realised that by embracing all the opportunities given, I would get so much more out of my time abroad. I also realised that my lecturers and all my new friends were there to support me,” Wendy explains.

She thrived in a learning environment so different from what she had experienced before.  

“Independent thinking was not just encouraged, but simply part of the study environment. The discussions in our classroom – and outside of it – really opened my mind and broadened my perspective.

“Our lecturers were incredibly knowledgeable, but I also learnt a lot from my fellow students. The fact that there were students from around the world meant that the discussions were rich. Different beliefs, experiences and cultures were brought to life and lifelong friendships formed. I now have a great network and feel like a global citizen.”

When asked about her best advice for students heading to Melbourne, she has no hesitation in stressing the importance of making the most of every opportunity in a city she says is “beautiful and friendly”.

“Try to go out of your comfort zone. Widen your social circle and soak up the multicultural environment. Be brave and have fun. The experience really enriched my life and has propelled my career, and I am sure it will do just that for you too.”