Harriyadi Irawan

Alright…let’s do this

“My friend actually studied here a year before me and he said you need to come to Melbourne, you will love it.”

I was studying hospitality and tourism and Melbourne is the best place for what I study

The quality of life, the experience of the work also the quality of education.

Caption: 'Quality of Life, the experience of work, the quality of education'

There is so many opportunities for us

Gaining our skill, especially our English skills,

I like to hang out with our friends, having coffee and tea in small alley hidden places.

I know that when I came here for the first time, I stepped my feet onto the land, I said I want to

be someone in here

Caption: 'I want to be someone here'

and then the community, the government and the people supported me.

Caption: 'The community, the government and the people support me'

I’m a better person.

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