Vincent Bicudo de Castro

I did a Masters by Research before I came to Melbourne.

I had the strategy 'Where should I start applying for for a PHD?'

And I said, I should go for these universities.

And I was really impressed how come I have all these good researches and they are based here in Melbourne?

And so, it felt like a natural patch for me.

So, when you move to a new country, you start to break all these stereotypes.

Good people, education industry here is highly specialized and very good quality.

Caption Animation: Education is Highly Specialised and very good quality.

And you have an amazing location.

I love taking the trams here.

Vietnamese food one day, you can have Thai food another day.

You can get snow, you can get beach, you can get the outback.

Caption Animation: 'You can get Snow, Beach, Outback'

It’s a very diverse set of people, and it’s really welcoming.

Caption Animation: 'Diverse set of people and it’s really welcoming'

If you come here to Melbourne, you’re not only going to study but also you have the chance to meet new people and explore new places.

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