Spending lots of time at home during coronavirus can be tough. But now could be the perfect time to try something new to get your creativity flowing. Study Melbourne Ambassador Hyunju An shares her love of hobbies and how they’re getting her through coronavirus.

Words by Hyunju An

Hello! My name is Hyunju. I came to Melbourne from South Korea in June 2019 as an international student. I’m studying Patisserie and Hospitality at William Angliss Institute.

I always knew that I’m an introvert. I like spending time alone, doing things by myself, daydreaming and thinking.

I always strongly feel that I want to express my emotions, thoughts and opinions. But I have a big fear of public speaking and being in front of people. I don’t really like mingling in crowds either. Over time I have realised that I like expressing myself by crafting things in my own way. When the pandemic hit, I naturally started drawing, painting, making music and creating miniature clay figures.

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When I was young, I found lots of joy in crafts. I played with a kid’s science toolkit, clay and other materials. Even now, I find myself super engaged doing hobbies, often losing track of time! I feel achievement by being productive in my own way. When making something I am focused, relaxed and fully in the present moment. And the bonus is that I also get cute clay miniatures!

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Studying patisserie has also opened up another hobby. I have been using the time in lockdown to experiment with new desserts at home. It’s been a fun challenge making creative desserts with simple ingredients on a budget!

Everything changed suddenly with the pandemic and we may feel we have lost so many things. We miss going out, travelling, hugging on the street, even breathing without face masks. But I encourage all of us to be optimistic – we can do so many things while staying at home.

If you want to try new hobbies that you can enjoy at home, I recommend browsing social media, choosing a few fun things, then giving it a go! You may like it or you may not, but you never know until you try.

Stay safe, stay well everyone.

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