Oashe Bhattacharya is an unapologetic feminist, and an incredibly motivated and accomplished emerging leader.

International Women’s Day reminds her of the progress that sets her apart from her grandmother’s generation.

A sure sign ‘that the rules are changing rather than us changing for the world’.

After completing a Master’s of Public Health at Monash University, she now divides her time between working at The Alfred Hospital as a Research Assistant at the National Trauma Research Institute, and running Project SASS (Support for South Asian Students) at IndianCare.

Working at IndianCare, she’s been inspired to create a suite of programs to support the wellbeing of international students. She knows first-hand the hardship students experience and this has motivated her to co-design programs about mental health to support her community. Information sessions, podcasts, a wellbeing calendar, resilience building, she’s done it all.

Oashe describes the team at IndianCare as amazing. They have welcomed her insights and ideas on projects that build community connections.

In celebration of International Women’s Day this year, Oashe will be attending Future Female on the 25th of March.

“I am from India. I am the present. I exist. I want to be represented”. Future Female is all about celebrating the leaders and trailblazers from culturally diverse backgrounds. “I’m going to be surrounded by inspiring women and gain knowledge by being around others… I have a thirst to understand”.