Bachelor of Business student Mia, is kicking goals as a Coordinator of Brand, Marketing and Digital with the Marriott Group.

Mia first touched down in Melbourne from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the beginning of 2022 to study a Bachelor of Business (Marketing).

Since then, she has attended many RMIT events such as resume building sessions, mock interviews and one of her favourites, the Melbourne International Student Week (MISW) industry fair; where she secured an interview with the Marriott Hotel Group, that led to her first ever job as an Administrative Coordinator.

My absolute favourite event was the MISW Industry Fair. As an international student, I felt that the events held that week showed that we’re recognised and are supported by the university

Mia was quickly promoted to Coordinator of Brand Marketing and Digital – providing invaluable experience in the industry she hopes to one day make her career.

“My goal is to work in a marketing position (hopefully with Marriott). It is something I have always been passionate about and would like to strive for in the next coming years”.

Read on for more of Mia’s story!

What is your role exactly? What’s a typical day in the role like?

My new role is a Cluster Coordinator of Brand, Marketing and Digital position, it consists of overseeing all nine Marriott properties in Melbourne.

Some of my everyday tasks include:

  • Assisting with all marketing activities
  • Support with creative designs and concepts to drive marketing strategies
  • Involvement in the execution of brand campaigns and partnerships
  • Assisting in social media research and content calendars
  • Ad hoc Marketing requests for assistance in PowerPoint presentations and collateral administration
  • Develop campaign reports
  • Apply and develop further interpersonal and networking skills
  • Gain an understanding of how our external hotel communication channels connect to the overall marketing

How do you feel about already securing a role in your field of study?

I am definitely excited since it’s something I have always wanted and hoped to achieve in the future, but that has come sooner than expected! A part of me is also nervous as it’s my first time being in the marketing field professionally, I have so much to learn and want to do my best. Though, I’m very grateful to be given this opportunity very early on in my career. Gaining knowledge from colleagues who have been in the field for years will expand my understanding in some aspects that I wouldn’t be able to get from university; which will definitely be a big help in my future marketing career once I have graduated.

What has been the best part of getting the job?

Expanding my professional network as well as gaining some real-life experience. I am constantly surrounded by people who are much older than me, while also gaining knowledge from people who have more work experience than I do. It’s helped me to grow as an individual a lot faster.

What have you learnt through your role at Marriott? Any transferable skills?

The main transferable skill I have learnt through my role would be adaptability. There are a lot of tasks and things that I have never learnt or heard about when it comes to operating and managing a business/hotel. So being able to have very quick adaptability skills when learning new things is very much needed.