The Study Melbourne Future Founders Venture Scholarship is the only international student focused initiative in Victoria that provides seed funding for entrepreneurship ventures.

The Venture Scholarships offer international students, who are leading new business ventures, with startup funding, a StartSpace Loft membership and one-on-one coaching and mentoring opportunities.

Guardian Skies Drone

GuardianSkies Drones is an autonomous fleet of drones developed to help winegrape farmers effectively ward off bird pests from foraging and damaging their crops. Equipped with preset navigation algorithms, tailored for working with any vineyard layout, non-invasive audio and visual deterrents, our drones effectively prevent bird foraging, while our novel wireless charging stations ensure uninterrupted operation, equipping winegrape farmers with a reliable, eco-friendly solution to protect their harvest.

We're not just about protecting yields—we promote avian well-being by encouraging foraging on designated decoy crops, ensuring preservation of natural bird eating patterns. With plans to expand to berries, almonds, and beyond, our solution addresses the critical need for sustainable pest control in diverse agricultural sectors, tackling significant crop losses and fostering environmental responsibility.

Animesh Ghimiray
Founder, Guardian Skies Drone  


Plante is a sustainability-focused tech startup on a mission to green the gardening industry. We create affordable, eco-friendly pots from biodegradable coconut fiberfibre to tackle the pressing issue of PP5 plastic waste in gardening, where only a meagre 8% of pots are recycled.

Our affordable solution offers a cost-efficient, nutrient-enriching, and waste-free alternative to traditional plastic pots for home gardeners, retailers, and plant nurseries. In a world where sustainability is not just a buzzword but a pressing necessity, Plante is uplifting a movement towards genuine, ground-up environmental responsibility in the realm of gardening.

Nguyen Nguyen
Co-founder, Plante

Minh Nguyen
Co-founder, Plante


Healovate, a MedTech company, is dedicated to transforming the diagnosis of neurovascular diseases, particularly stroke. Our innovative approach merges cutting-edge technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Signal Processing, and Computational Fluid Dynamics within clinical settings to understand blood flow dynamics in the brain.

Through the integration of these advanced technologies, our device empowers neuro clinicians with comprehensive insights into patients' neurovascular conditions, enabling them to make objective diagnostic and treatment decisions proactively. By identifying potential issues before the onset of major events like stroke, our solutions play a crucial role in preventing fatalities and permanent disabilities.

Muhsin Kizhisseri
Co-founder, Healovate

Ajmal Abdul Azees
Co-founder, Healovate

Mind the Gap Connect

Mind the Gap Connect is a pioneering start-up dedicated to enhancing mental health and well-being through innovative workshops. We specialise in crafting immersive experiences that seamlessly blend psychoeducation with creative art therapy modalities. Our workshops are meticulously designed to empower participants with practical coping skills while fostering self-expression, personal growth, and build meaningful connections. By bridging the gap between traditional therapeutic approaches and creative expression, we strive to create a supportive environment where individuals can discover, learn, and thrive on their journey.

Vineeta Giri
Co-founder, Mind the Gap Connect

Melia Wongso
Co-founder, Mind the Gap Connect


Orp is an AI-assisted To-do list mobile app that Simplifies and Gamifies Everyday Tasks. Understanding that young adults are struggling with procrastination, not knowing where to start, Orp is here to help them reducing this habit and stay on top of their priorities.

Powered by AI, it simplifies by helping users to create a functioning to-do list by breaking down the main task into subtasks, provides suggestions/tips, sync with calendar/scheduling tools, goal/hobby planner, and many interactive features. What makes Orp unique is that it also gamifies the to-do list by assigning points to the tasks based on its difficulty level and after completing the tasks, users can collect those points and redeem rewards. With multifeatures and functionalities, Orp is designed to suit different users' needs matching their productivity style.

Sing Chan
Co-founder, Orp

Phuong Thao Tran (Sarah)
Co-founder, Orp

Chanputhi Tith
Co-founder, Orp