Study Melbourne partnered with Melbourne Writers Festival 2018 to host a storytelling competition for international students. ‘A Meet with Melbourne’ by Felix Huang from China was shortlisted in the High School category.

A Meet with Melbourne

“Hi Felix, do you like your High School?”

“Of course yes.”

“That’s good. You know, I am always here if you have any troubles.”

“Thank you. You’re such a nice guy.”

Mark talked with me when I was very new in this school. I knew only a few persons, I could not say a full grammatical sentence yet because of my stressed heart when I was facing strangers. Mark let me know I had a friend by my side. Oh, what else could shock and move me who was like a scared rabbit than this reminder from Mark? Although I think it’s just a very normal concern from a friend, the power his words gave me at the time was shocking.

Therefore, Melbourne left a beautiful first impression on me, the impression of friendship. It’s like a flamingo that always chimes warmly to relax me. It is colder than my hometown. I love coldness, it makes me calm down and gives me nous. The huge difference I feel as I live in a foreign city lets me attempt to consider and analyze what I didn’t look at before, such as cultures, races, manners etc. I had known how to treat divergences. Then I had known wars, protests, murders… Finally I searched a lot of resources trying to answer a series of queries based on why there are always gaps and conflicts between persons. I haven’t an answer yet, but I decide to keep them as my lifelong challenge. In this aspect, Melbourne enlightened me.

I enjoy happiness here. One of unforgettable events is my classmate’s birthday party. We laugh here. I became braver by living without parents and protecting myself well here. For all my achievements, I thank Melbourne.

I’ve been in this city for only one year, as the time flies, the stories I can write about it would get more and more. Maybe I will leave Melbourne after years, however, I will treat this piece of memory as my treasure. Is it what a romantic meet should be like, isn’t it?