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Tip VicRoads can help you arrange a driver licence or permit or register a vehicle. Visit the Vic Roads website.

When you live and study in Melbourne you may not need a car, as there are many public transport, hire car and ride sharing options available.

If you decide to drive, you must follow the road rules. You must carry a valid driver licence or permit. Your car must be registered and insured.

Cars share the road with buses, bikes, trucks, trams and other vehicles. Trams also share the road.

Tip: VicRoads can help you arrange a driver licence or permit or register a vehicle. Visit the Vic Roads website.

Road rules

When you are driving in Victoria you must follow our road rules.

The rules keep Victorian drivers and pedestrians safe. There are fines and other penalties if you do not follow the rules.

Read more on the Road rules page on the VicRoads website.

Videos of common road rules

The Vic Roads YouTube channel has videos of some common Victorian road rules.

Victorian driver licence

If you are an international student and you reside in Victoria, there are some new rules you should know about.  

From 29 October 2019, all residents driving on an international licence will have six months to get a Victorian licence.  

There are no changes to the licence requirements and assessments. 

After six months, a resident on an international licence will not be able to drive in Victoria.

  • If you are a student already living in Victoria, regardless of when you arrived, you have six months from 29 October 2019 to convert to a Victorian licence. 
  • If you arrive as a new student in Victoria after 29 October 2019 you will have six months from the day you arrive to get a Victorian licence.

Do you have some more questions?

VicRoads is the organisation responsible for setting the road rules in Victoria.  VicRoads recommends all international students check their current licence status, especially if you have been living in Victoria for more than six months. 

For more information, please visit VicRoads.

Toll roads

Melbourne has several toll roads, where you need to pay to use the road.

There are two authorities that manage toll roads in Victoria - CityLink and EastLink.

How to pay the toll

Pay for a pass online before you travel or up to three days after you travel.

If you are in Victoria for more than a few weeks it may be more convenient to open an account with EastLink or CityLink.

Read more on the Paying tolls page on the VicRoads website.

Buying a car

If you buy a car in Victoria, be clear about financing, insurance, servicing and repairs. You must also ensure the car is roadworthy and registered.

Roadworthy certificate

When you buy a car it should have a certificate of roadworthiness. The certificate is issued by an accredited tester. It certifies that that the vehicle is in good working order.

Find out more on the Roadworthiness page of the VicRoads website.


All vehicles that drive on public roads in Victoria must be registered with VicRoads. You must renew the registration of your car every year.

If you buy a car that is already registered you must transfer the registration into your name within 14 days of buying the car.

You can register or renew your registration online, by electronic funds transfer (EFT), by mail or call 13 2723 with a credit card.

Read more on the Registration page of the VicRoads website.

Performing a hook turn

This video from VicRoads explains how to perform a hook turn. If you are driving in Melbourne's CBD you may need to perform a hook turn to turn right at some intersections.

Performing a hook turn. See more VicRoads videos about common Victorian road rules on YouTube.

Read a transcript of this video