In partnership with Practera, Study Melbourne recently delivered the Global Student Talent Accelerator (GSTAR) Shanghai, a premium four-week work-integrated learning (WIL) program with over July 2021 across 34 projects with more than 170 international students, both onshore and in Shanghai.

The program strengthened employability, collaboration and teamwork skills for students through the Shanghai Study Hub, fostering intercultural understanding and exchange between students, industry and education providers onshore and offshore.

The program supported International Students to engage authentically in real world learning while studying in a Victorian institution. Industry Client from Victoria and China were able to receive invaluable insights from innovative research for their business models/product.

In celebration of the program, Commissioner for Greater China Brett Stevens held a virtual celebration through the Shanghai Hub on 11 August 2021.

GSTAR Student feedback

GSTAR included students from Monash University and University of Melbourne working on transnational research projects from companies such as Australia Asia Technology Incubator, Hybrid Energy Australia, Australia-China Friendship Society, China & Beyond and Krimson Asia.

The Pilot has a 92% completion rate with 164 students split to 29 teams.

”I really learned more about teamwork and logical thinking by engaging in this program. I also dug deeper into the consulting career path and developed my problem-solving skill. Moreover, the resources on the Practera app were so useful that I learned a lot from it.” - Jenny S.,University of Melbourne

GSTAR Industry feedback

GSTAR Industry Clients used the GSTAR app to connect to their student team. Using innovative technology to drive connection and efficiency between the Client and student team.

It included one-on-one mentoring and placements with Victorian businesses, exporters and research partners with a focus on industry and research, commercialisation and innovation.

“The report is actionable backed by statistic'. - IRENE T.,CLIENT, LIFT WOMEN GROUP PTY LTD

"It provided us with more options while not impacting our ability. It enabled us to focus on the issues, but not affect the way in which we will make decisions. The project enhanced our options and showed us further paths to achieve certain goals. The process of itself did not entirely serve to improve our decision-making or capability, but to showed alternatives.” - ANTHONY L., CLIENT, AUSTRALIA CHINA FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY

GSTAR is currently being evaluated with future rounds to be determined, including different markets and themes in response to student and industry demand.

The Victorian Government is investing in range of WIL initiatives including GSTAR and the Global Victoria Intellect Program.

Find out more and hear from students and employers themselves about why Victoria continues to lead the way in providing the right skills and connections to support international student graduate outcomes.