The $3.6 million International Research Partnerships Program is an initiative under the International Education Short Term Recovery Plan 2020-21 to support strategic international research partnerships, grow market access and strengthen Victoria’s global reputation for education, EdTech and research.

The Program will provide support to the sector through two streams.


Through stream one, $2.8 million is being provided to establish Study Melbourne Research Partnerships, supporting major research projects between Victorian public institutions and their international industry or institutional partner/s.

Delivered by leading research management organisation VESKI, the partnerships will drive international research collaboration, establish or deepen strategic offshore partnerships for Victorian institutions, and strengthen the prestigious global rankings and reputation of Victoria’s public universities and TAFEs.

The Study Melbourne Research partnerships will provide a number of outcomes that will benefit Victorian education providers and the international education sector, including:

  • the increased capability of Victorian education providers to initiate collaborative research projects to address Victorian policy objectives
  • the attraction of overseas talent (including students and academics) to collaborate with Victorian education providers on research projects
  • the building of Victoria’s brand recognition as a quality education destination in emerging regions
  • the increased value of commercial partnerships for Victorian providers
  • the retained and/or improved rankings of Victorian education institutions as world-leading research providers
  • the attraction of global talent and knowledge to Victoria and the encouragement of future student and academic mobility between Victoria and international markets.

Successful projects

Study Melbourne is pleased to announce the following 15 recipients of the Study Melbourne Research Partnerships (Stream One) supporting ground-breaking research projects between 11 Victorian Universities and TAFEs and international partners from 12 countries:

Swinburne University of TechnologyA partnership with Jeonbuk National University to develop new technology using the sun to convert seawater to Hydrogen.South Korea
Monash UniversityA partnership with Universitas Indonesia to create a living laboratory for international research and impact, addressing river pollution in Indonesia.Indonesia
RMIT UniversityA partnership with Chalmers University of Technology on rapid prototyping photonics for ultrafast communications, satellites, sensors and bionics.Sweden
Victoria UniversityAn industry partnership with CyberDyne using machine learning to optimise HAL Exoskeleton Joint Control.Japan
The University of MelbourneA partnership with the Research Institute for Electronic Science (RIES), University of Hokkaido, to develop new directions for the harvesting and manipulation of thermal energy.Japan
RMIT UniversityA partnership with the International Institute for Carbon Neutral Energy Research,  Kyushu University, developing the proton battery and proton flow reactor systems for energy storage.Japan
Deakin UniversityA partnership with Gadjah Mada University on multilingual COVID-19 misinformation news detection and intervention.Indonesia
La Trobe UniversityA two country multi -component project with the University of Haifa for enhancing the wellbeing and social inclusion of marginalised populations.Israel
The University of MelbourneA partnership with the University of Bayreuth to develop multidimensional biomaterials for tissue repair.Germany
Monash UniversityA partnership with the University of DaNang to develop a low-cost, bimanual device for stroke neurorehabilitation.Vietnam
La Trobe UniversityA partnership with the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Birla Institute of Technology and Science to make data driven quality management accessible to small scale dairy cooperativesIndia
Deakin UniversityA partnership with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Virginia Tech to develop miniature solid-state 3D metal printing for space applications.USA
Australian Catholic UniversityAn industry partnership with Springbok Analytics to develop new technologies to model human locomotion.USA
Holmesglen InstituteA partnership with Grande Prairie Regional College on building an international nursing education and research partnership using digital technologies.Canada
Bendigo Kangan InstituteA partnership with the Chinese Testing, Inspection and Certification Education Association (CTICEA) to promote cross-border qualification recognition by mapping Chinese vocational qualifications to Australian standards in select fields of study.China

The 15 projects under the Study Melbourne Research Partnerships are well underway.

From detecting fake news to 3D metal printing for space applications, find out more about the 15 exciting and innovative research projects by downloading the Study Melbourne Research Partnerships Brochure (PDF, 3830.86 KB).

You can also read select project pitches here.

Study Melbourne is supporting these ground-breaking research projects to enhance our connections to leading international institutions and attract global talent to Victoria.International education supports Victoria’s world-class reputation for research excellence, helping our economy compete in a global field that is underpinned by research and innovation.

  • The 15 projects were selected through a rigorous merit-based process which looked at the quality of the research methodology, lead researcher and partner organisation; alignment with the institution’s international research and education strategic objectives; and value for money. Final selection aimed to achieve a diversity of projects across institutions, research field and partner country.
  • Recommended projects focus on areas of interest to the State, including sustainability and energy, advanced manufacturing, health, medical technologies and life sciences, and ICT and digital technologies.
  • The international partners are in regions of strategic interest to the institutions and the State, i.e. Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, China, India, Israel, Germany, Sweden, Canada and the United States of America.

For more information go to the VESKI website.


Through stream two, $800,000 is being provided to establish the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance, delivered by EduGrowth to support collaboration between Victorian EdTech companies, education providers, researchers, and international organisations to road test and promote the learning impact of EdTech products for export.

By helping Victorian companies and institutions promote and gain market access for their EdTech products offshore, the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance will position Victoria as Australia’s leading provider of high-quality EdTech solutions and education innovation around the world.

Successful projects

The nine successful recipients of the Global Victoria EdTech Innovation Alliance are listed below. Spanning the higher education, VET and school sectors, these projects support efficacy trials of EdTech products between nine Victorian EdTech companies and international partners from nine countries:


University of Melbourne

Swinburne University of Technology

A partnership with the University of Manchester to improve student outcomes and academic integrity through technology-enhanced assessment reform.



University of Melbourne

A partnership with the University of Dayton and Education Design Lab to assess the efficacy of a Credential Evidence Platform, increasing learners’ confidence to express their workplace skills and the ability for employers to use evidence generated as a signal to hire.


Cahoot Learning

Monash University

A partnership with Universidad Anahuac focusing on lifelong learning across the Latin America region and exploring how to create better learning experiences and outcomes for workforce reskilling and upskilling.


Verso Learning

Surf Coast Secondary College
Heathmont College
Pascoe Vale Girls College
Brighton Secondary College

A partnership with Edgbarrow School and Queen Margaret College to address two challenges in K-12 education: the collection of timely, actionable feedback and evidence of impact from the classroom, and how to better support teachers to use this evidence to respond to student need and make changes to their classroom practice.


New Zealand

Genix Ventures

International Marketing Corporation
Holmes Institute

A partnership with Tsinghua University to test the feasibility of scaling EXAMINA+, an end-to-end exam management platform supporting assessment-led learning, to international markets.



La Trobe University

A partnership with Acsenda School of Management to explore the impact of providing experienced, qualified, mentors, at scale through an EdTech platform, for international students.



Kingsley Park Primary School

A partnership with Foyle College that will provide teachers with the tools and support to regularly gather student feedback for a data-informed approach to improving student experience, learning outcomes and teacher practice.



Parade College

A partnership to explore how data based on longer timeframes, such as summative, semester-based data, can be useful for daily teaching decisions and the resulting impact on the ways in which teachers plan for the personalisation of the learner experience.


Maths Pathway

Mill Park Secondary College

A partnership with Port Vila International School to pilot the deployment of the Maths Pathway Learning and Teaching model in an international context, and to test the extent to which cultural, societal and demographic differences affect its ability to deliver similar learning outcomes.