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  • Assistance on campus
  • Travelling and parking with a disability
  • Disability support and access in Melbourne

If you live with a disability you will find support and services to help you when you travel and get around campus.

Most public buildings are required to be accessible to people with a disability and have toilets for people with limited mobility. When you are studying in Melbourne and Victoria you have access to accessible parking, public toilets and transport. Shopping malls, entertainment venues and sporting arenas also provide access and support for people with disabilities or mobility issues.

On campus

Victoria has a very high standard of access and assistance for people with disabilities. On campus, you can expect wheelchair access, accessible toilets and help in the classroom.

If you have a disability, health or mental health condition check with your university, college or school to find out what services they provide to help you.


There are public and discounted private services to help with transport around Melbourne if you have a disability. There are accessible parking spaces near the entrance of all public buildings. Railway stations have ramps and lifts. Many tram routes have low-floor trams and accessible platforms. Most buses in Melbourne have low floors and disabled access.

Accessible parking spaces

Accessible parking spaces are marked with a sign showing a blue wheelchair. These parking spaces are also often marked with a blue wheelchair symbol on the ground. If you want to use an accessible parking space your vehicle must display a disability permit.

Read more about parking for people with disabilities on the City of Melbourne website.

Find out more about disability parking permits on the VicRoads website.

Wheelchair taxis

If you use a wheelchair, you can book a taxi that is able to carry a wheelchair. These taxis have lifts to ensure you and your wheelchair can safely get into the taxi.

The Taxi Services Commission website has more information about taxis and travelling with a disability.

Read more about taxis, hirecars and ride sharing on this website.

Accessible trams, trains and buses

Many trams on Melbourne's network have low floors and spaces reserved for people using a wheelchair. Seats near the doors are for people who have mobility issues or special needs.

All metropolitan trains and regional trains are wheelchair-accessible.

Many of Melbourne’s bus services from Monday to Friday have low floors and wheelchair access.

Find out more about disabled access to public transport on the Public transport Victoria (PTV) website.

Disability support and access in Melbourne

If you have limited mobility or special needs that make it difficult to get around, the City of Melbourne has services and facilities to help.

Read more about the services available in Melbourne on the Accessible amenities page on the City of Melbourne website.

If you have recently arrived in Melbourne, Travellers Aid can help you rent a temporary mobility scooter or wheelchair.

Read more about mobility equipment hire on the Travellers Aid website.