Heng Hao Teo (Singapore)

Don’t just come to Victoria for an education. We are here to be part of a bigger community… that is the true value of studying overseas.

Hao is an entrepreneur and the founder of iDibs, a one-stop Solution platform providing information and direct solutions to internationals in Australia through links with verified service providers. iDibs has grown within Melbourne’s burgeoning social entrepreneurship scene and was part of the YGap Accelerator First Gens program which is supported by LaunchVIC. The platform has also grown and hosted events with support from the Study Melbourne Hub.  Hao has completed a Bachelor of Banking and Economic and a Master of Business Information Systems, which was essential in helping him understand how to build and run a start-up business.

Huong Dang (Vietnam)

My studies have given me the knowledge and skills I needed to be a leader … I did not just study in Melbourne, I lived a ‘Melbourne life’ and it is a place I am always proud to call HOME.

Since graduating from university, Huong has been successful in several voluntary and work roles, including with KOTO International, an Australian not-for-profit raising the profile of disadvantaged Vietnamese youth. In 2018, he started a social enterprise called HopeBox, which helps to provide jobs and personal development opportunities for women who have experienced domestic violence. Based in Hanoi, HopeBox has fundraised through events at the Australian Embassy in Vietnam. Huong now works for eduKUDU UK, which provides marketing support to education institutions across the world, including many in Australia.

Shriya Gupta (India)

Be fearless when it comes to what you want to achieve – Victoria will help you get there. It has the combination of the right opportunities, helpful community and a friendly vibe that will get you excited for your future career.

Shriya holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance from Deakin University. During her studies, she demonstrated entrepreneurial flair when she co-founded the Deakin Finance Association, aimed at supporting financial literacy among non-commerce students. She currently works as a Business Information Analyst with Deakin University and has represented the university at several CPA Australia events where she shared advice on building a career in a changing world of disruption. She is a great advocate for the international student experience in Australia and her story has been profiled on the Deakin University website.