Tell us a little bit about yourself and your achievements to date

I’m a medical graduate from Nepal and currently a PhD candidate at La Trobe University. I have more than 12 years of experience in maternal and child health, family planning and reproductive health. I played a pivotal role in establishing functional obstetric and neonatal care in one of the remote districts of Nepal.

What are your goals for the future?

After coming to Melbourne, I have been engaged with various activities including the development of a community language program for children of non-resident Nepalese born in Melbourne. In the future, I want to help students and migrant people from my community in family planning and reproductive health.

Why are you excited about being a Study Melbourne Student Ambassador?

Study Melbourne provides a platform for developing leadership and communication skills in a diverse cultural and multilinguistic group. I am excited to join the group to share my experience and help international students in reducing stress and anxiety to cope in a new environment.

What are your tips for students who have just arrived in Melbourne?

I would like to suggest new students to get engaged with different clubs and societies within the university. It helps us to adjust in the new environment and understand cultural diversity. Although study is our primary aim, being socially active helps maintain both physical and mental health.

How have you gone about making new friends and building your networks in Victoria?

I have been engaged in various organisations, within and outside the university. I am associated with the student clubs and community organisations. In one of the engagements, I am helping a non-governmental organisation to develop interventions for improvement of health and education among marginalised people in Nepal.