Study Melbourne Ambassadors help create a rich and supportive community for current and prospective international students. They help to organise student events, programs and initiatives as well as contribute to our social channels, represent Study Melbourne at official functions, and share their experience, knowledge and insights.

Meet our Student Ambassadors

Get to know our ambassadors by clicking on their profiles below or come along to one of Study Melbourne's events, programs or initiatives and hear about their experience, knowledge and insights.

Adyant Modi

Adyant profile

Adyant (he/him) is originally from India and he is currently studying a double Bachelors in Commerce and Business Analytics at Deakin University. Being an international student, he was excited to relocate to Melbourne because of its lovely beaches and multiculturalism.

He is passionate about the international student community as they bring a lot of diversity to our communities. They have unique perspectives and experiences that can enrich the learning experiences for all of us. He has a mission to develop meaningful relationships with the community and be able to provide them with valuable networking opportunities and new career connections.

In his time in Australia, he has learnt to step outside of his comfort zone, as this has allowed him to discover new opportunities. He is very excited to join the wonderful team of Study Melbourne as an Ambassador and he hopes to make valuable contributions.

Amanda Abeysinghe

Amanda profile

Amanda Abeysinghe (she/her) is currently studying a Master of Business Management Degree at CQ University Melbourne. She is currently working as a Social Ambassador at CQ University, and her role is focused on enhancing the student experience on-campus and online.

A lawyer by profession, she completed her Attorneys-at-Law at Sri Lanka Law College and her bachelor’s degree in business management specialising in Human Resources at Kelaniya University, Sri Lanka. 

She is constantly on a mission to help, serve and elevate the lives of others. Therefore, she has always aligned her education and career choices, be it Law, Human Resources, or teaching, alongside the goal of changing someone’s life or adding value to it. 

As a Study Melbourne Ambassador, she hopes to promote kindness, respect, acceptance, and inclusivity within the international student community which is, after all, the true Study Melbourne 

Daniel Onovo

Daniel profile

Daniel Onovo (he/him) is from Nigeria and is studying for a Master of Engineering Technology (Mechatronics and Industrial Automation) degree at Federation University, Churchill.

He commenced his studies in July 2022. Daniel has a background in Mining and Petroleum Engineering and has over 10 years’ experience working in various capacities throughout Africa and Asia. Some of his hobbies include running (Parkrun), playing in his local soccer team, reading and being involved in community events.

He also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, fusing Nigerian flavours with Aussie recipes.

Divya Sharma

Divya profile

Divyangana (Divya) (she/her), is an international student studying a Bachelor of Nursing. She has advocated for others through various roles, including as chair of Holmesglen’s Student Representative Council.

She supported the Victorian pandemic workforce while continuing her studies. She’s a mental health advocate and uses various platforms to spread awareness about mental health. Divya has been the recipient of International Student of The Year at Holmesglen.

She’s also the recipient of Study Melbourne’s International Student of The Year in the Higher Education category and the winner of the Premier’s Award 2021-22.

When not at work or university, Divya can be found sipping hot chocolate with a book in random cafes in the city.

Jayden Huang

Jayden profile

Jayden (he/him) is a passionate, energetic, and friendly person. He completed his bachelor's degree at the University of Melbourne, and he is currently doing the graduate program at Swinburne University.

His long-term plans include becoming a fantastic student ambassador and sharing his wonderful experiences as an international student in Victoria with many other students.

Jayden has participated in numerous extracurricular activities, and he believes that doing so would allow students to broaden their horizons and become better versions of themselves.

Khanh Truong

Khanh profile

Khanh (she/her) is an international student from Vietnam, studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University. Health sciences has been an area that she has been passionate about ever since high school, and she aspires to pursue a career as a laboratory scientist or medical doctor.

As an Ambassador she hopes to contribute and help the student community to thrive academically, professionally, and personally. Aside from being a Study Melbourne Ambassador, she works as a Senior Mentor for the Monash Peer Mentoring Program and casually volunteers for the Monash Student Association (MSA).

Kushal Singhal

Kushal profile

Kushal Singhal (he/him) is currently studying a Master of Sustainability at Deakin University. His life motto is "To know even one life has breathed easier because I have lived. This is to have succeeded” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Following this passion, he has dedicated his time to volunteering with multiple community organisations.

He believes in continuous development and he hopes to help make the world a better place for everyone to live in.

Max Tong

Max profile

Max (he/him) is thrilled to be a Study Melbourne Ambassador. He is originally from Hong Kong and came to Melbourne to pursue his academic dreams.

Since then, he has fallen in love with this vibrant and diverse city. As a Study Melbourne Ambassador, he is excited to share his passion for this amazing study destination with fellow international students and help them make the most of their time here.

With his experience as a Master of Information Systems student, he looks forward to providing guidance and support to those who may face the same challenges as he did as an international student.

Minji Kwon

Minji profile

Minji (she/her) is a chemical engineering student at the University of Melbourne with a Business specialisation. She is currently in the last year of her Master by coursework degree.

She would describe herself as an outgoing and friendly person who loves to thrive on challenges and meet new people with different backgrounds.  

She's been studying in Melbourne for the past seven years, and her student life has been amazing. She can’t wait to share her positive experiences with the international student community.

Sachreet Nijjar

Sach profile

Sachreet Kaur Nijjar (she/her) is a Politics Major studying at the University of Melbourne, with primary interest being in the field of Political Economy. She hails from Punjab, India and wishes to develop targeted interventions to address the root causes of poverty in the state, with emphasis on gender and caste dynamics.

She has in the past interned with the Government of Punjab and local NGOs in the domain of policy making and has also actively engaged in her university's peer mentoring program.

She is absolutely delighted to be part of an incredible team at Study Melbourne and aspires to promote a diverse and all-inclusive space for international students in the city of abounding opportunities!

Yanyan (Charlotte) Xie

Yanyan profile

Yanyan (Charlotte) (she/her) is currently an undergraduate student doing sociology at the University of Melbourne.

An international student passionate about promoting inclusiveness and diversity, who is eager to make every voice in the society be heard. She wishes international students in Melbourne, Victoria and Australia to be supported and gain a sense of belonging, to call this diverse place a second home.

A wandering student who isn’t lost but trying to sprinkle pieces of kindness to the place she wanders.

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