Mr Nguyen Thanh (Daniel) Dat

Vietnam, Deakin University

International Student of the Year – Higher Education

Dat Nguyen

Daniel is studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) at the Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University. As an award winner of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) award, he obtained a full scholarship to study his first year of his Bachelor at Deakin University. Daniel is actively engaged in the student life on campus through his involvement as volunteer student mentor. He was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Medal for Outstanding Contribution to University life in 2018. Daniel recommends to those who might want to study in Victoria  to ‘Be brave and explore Victoria with an open mind’.

International Student of the Year – Higher Educationn, Nguyen (Daniel) Thanh Dat. See more videos like this on the Study Melbourne YouTube channel.

Video transcript

I chose to study in Melbourne not only because of the state of the art educational faciilities, but also because of the heart of the Melburnian – to those local people who are willing to spend their time and contribute to have international students, like us, to reach their full potential.  

It has been a great pleasure to know that I was achieving one of the most prestigious awards in Victoria. However, winning this will not only make a milestone in my career, but also highlight the effort of the local community that I am working with and to make sure their contribution is being heard.