Studying is an inevitable part of the international student journey, but did you know that your study location can make a big difference to your productivity? As a result, it’s crucial to choose your study spots wisely. However, if you’ve newly arrived in Melbourne, you may not know the best locations to study across the city just yet. Fortunately, we’re here to help. From libraries to cafés to local parks, these are the best places to study in Melbourne.

Education Provider Campuses

Without question, one of the most accessible and convenient study locations is your very own campus. Whether you are studying at one of Melbourne’s renowned universities, TAFE or VET institutions, you’ll have access to its campus facilities, which are ideal for studying. Your institution will likely feature study spaces for groups of all sizes, perfect for both solo study sessions and group work.

When you study on campus, you’ll also have access to course-related facilities and materials. For example, Monash University has a Law Library with ample scholarly resources and research skills development programs across all areas of law, including human rights. Similarly, many education providers have specialised media equipment — such as cameras, microphones and projectors — available to borrow. This is particularly ideal for students in media-related disciplines such as journalism, digital marketing, and communications and media.

Study Melbourne Hub

The dedicated home for international students in Melbourne, this another popular study spot in Melbourne. Here you’ll have free access to work spaces, high-speed Wi-Fi and free coffee — the perfect study fuel. Located on Hardware Lane, the Study Melbourne Hub also provides support, events and connections, making it a must-visit destination to get the most out of your international study experience.

Those studying with Melbourne education providers from overseas may still be able to make use of Study Melbourne’s study spaces. With a network of locations across China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Latin America and South Asia, Study Melbourne Hubs feature study spaces and meeting rooms for offshore students. These work spaces also include free Wi-Fi, coffee and water facilities for your comfort and convenience.


As mentioned previously, your education provider will likely have an on-campus library. However, there are also many public libraries across Melbourne that are some of the best places to study. At each of these facilities, you’ll find an extensive collection of books available for loan, computers, printers and scanners, along with many other materials and tools designed to optimise your study sessions.

The City of Melbourne Libraries offer unique services and resources, such as Makerspaces, which help you upskill in areas like crafting, coding, music, digital design and video production.

Established in 1854, the State Library of Victoria is Australia’s oldest public library. Here you’ll find millions of books, newspapers, artefacts, manuscripts and photographs, as well as plenty of quiet study spaces. With free Wi-Fi, computers and access to online databases, you’ll also have plenty of research resources available at your fingertips.

Public Parks & Gardens

If you enjoy a bit of fresh air while you study, then studying in any of Melbourne’s public parks and gardens could be an excellent option. Grab your essentials — including a blanket, your study materials and snacks — and head to any of the green spaces near you. Of course, Melbourne’s weather can be unpredictable, so remember to check the weather forecast before you head out and prepare accordingly.

Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North is one great example. This spacious park is a popular destination for runners, cyclists and local dogs, making it ideal for people who like a bit of busyness in the background as they study. There are picnic tables in the park, which can double as your workspace for a few hours.

Seated along the Yarra River, the Royal Botanic Gardens is another beautiful option. Featuring over 38 hectares of greenspace as well as 8,500 species of plants from around the globe, you couldn’t ask for more picturesque surroundings as you study.


There’s no better study fuel than a tasty meal paired with delicious coffee. That’s why Melbourne’s extensive range of cafés are some of the city’s best study sports. Whether you’re in the mood for a cosy, low-lit eatery or a spacious and vibrant space, you’ll find a venue suited to your needs. Plus, since Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia, you’ll get to sample some of the nation’s best brews. There are cafés scattered across nearly every suburb, many of which offer free Wi-Fi as well as student food and drink deals.

Shopping Centres

The Melbourne shopping scene is incredibly vibrant — but did you know that the city’s shopping centres also double as fantastic study spaces? Certain shopping centres have lounges where students can sit and study, along with free Wi-Fi.

For example, in the concourse connecting Melbourne Central to Emporium Melbourne (2 of Melbourne’s most iconic shopping centres), you’ll find a study lounge with wireless charging stations, bright natural lighting and plenty of seating. Given its proximity to many campuses — including RMIT University, Victoria University and the International College of Victoria — it’s easy to see why this is a popular study spot among students.