The Study Melbourne Hub South Asia successfully delivered a pilot on Career development & employability. The program welcomed sixteen graduates from Victorian universities. It kick-started with a psychometric assessment, uncovering their strengths and passions. Paired with seasoned mentors, these graduates embarked on a journey to explore their potential and engage in open discussions about personal growth.

It was a remarkable opportunity for the participants, as they saw value in their interactions with industry professionals. It enabled them to evaluate their post-study employment prospects to solidify career aspirations.

Experts in the Indian market generously shared insights, ranging from crafting compelling LinkedIn profiles to leveraging social media for job hunting. Participants were encouraged to pinpoint a skill that resonates with them - be it innovation, leadership, cultural awareness or problem-solving - and be committed to developing it.

Surya Prahasith, one of the participants said that the program brilliantly illuminated essential aspects of personal and career development.

It guided us on identifying key areas for growth while igniting our inner drive for a well-rounded equilibrium. Kudos to Study Melbourne South Asia Labs for orchestrating these enlightening sessions. Looking forward to engaging in more enriching forums like these!

Victoria's unwavering dedication shines through its Commitment to Action. The Victorian Government collaborates with employers, industry bodies, and educational institutions to surmount employment barriers and pave post-study pathways for global talent. This Endeavor aligns with Action 7, Pillar 2 of Victoria’s International Education Recovery Plan 2025.

Stay tuned as Study Melbourne Hub South Asia continues to roll out support programs for eligible students. The journey towards personal and professional excellence never stops!