​The Study Melbourne Hub Kuala Lumpur was abuzz with energy and enthusiasm as it played host to the launch of Career Ignite in partnership with FutureLab.

With a gathering of 60 mentees and 30 mentors forming the program’s pioneering cohort, the highlight of the launch held on 19 August, was a panel discussion about 'Future Careers', featuring distinguished panellists @Tan Jun Sheng@Rezza Mohd Arif and @Chan Wai Ling.

The discussion delved into the evolving landscape of industries, emerging trends, and the essential skills needed to succeed in today’s dynamic world of work. Their insights resonated deeply with the mentees, providing them with valuable perspectives on important skills such as having a meaningful networking and overcoming challenges as they embark on their career journeys.

Career Ignite will unfold across 3 months, each month devoted to a distinct module: future career, global mindset, and career preparation. Throughout this journey, they will come together at the Hub and virtually for sessions that provide not only valuable content but also opportunities for networking and building lasting connections. These sessions will be the cornerstone of the program, offering the chance to interact, share insights, and shape new perspectives.

This program represents more than just professional development. It's an investment in personal growth, fostering a holistic educational experience that goes beyond textbooks and classrooms. Through this initiative, we are crafting a Victorian alumni community that's uniquely attuned to the needs and aspirations of the younger generation.

If you would like to know more about the program or want to collaborate with the Hub email kualalumpur@studymelbourne.vic.gov.au.