More than 200,000 international students choose to study in Melbourne and Victoria each year.

Study Melbourne works with education agents, educational institutions and a range of industry partners.

Working with our partners, we promote Melbourne, Victoria, as the ultimate study destination for international students and provide support and assistance to students once they arrive.

For education providers

Study Melbourne celebrates the diversity of all Victoria’s education programs and complements students’ on-campus experiences with established initiatives and programs that maximise personal and professional outcomes.

With an extensive global network of Education Service Managers who support education providers in-market, Study Melbourne supports institutional marketing and sector growth.

For agents

Study Melbourne has resources, insights, stories and tools that provide unique insights and perspectives into Melbourne. Tap into rich detail and authentic voices to inspire and excite prospective students and reassure their parents. Our up-to-date and reliable resources inform and delight, with stories from real students who have benefited professionally and personally by choosing to study in Melbourne, Victoria.

For suppliers and service providers

We know that each student journey is unique, yet we can also say that students share professional goals around employability, and they also want to experience the best that life in Melbourne can offer.

Study Melbourne provides information and support to tens of thousands of international students each year, facilitating and promoting experiences, encounters and adventures for international students with Victoria’s best and most unique operators. We also connect students with a range of services that can enhance the student journey with professional development, skills-based activities, information and support services.