You can apply for a one-off payment of up to $1100 under Stream Two of the Fund if your enrolment is with a private education provider in Victoria.

This includes:

  • vocational education and training
  • independent higher education
  • English language colleges.

The payment can only be accessed once by eligible students who are located in Victoria.

If you are studying with a University or TAFE, contact your institution to access the fund.

Use a desktop or laptop computer to apply. Do not use a mobile device.

See our Application Guide and Frequently Asked Questions if you need help to understand how to apply. You can also call our friendly team on 1800 056 449 if you need help. Just ask if you need an interpreter.

How to apply

STEP ONE – Check your education provider is eligible

Check the list of eligible private education providers and colleges in Victoria.

STEP TWO – Check the updated eligibility criteria:

To be eligible to apply you must meet all eligibility criteria. You must be able to show that:

  1. You were enrolled in an eligible private tertiary education provider in Victoria at 31 March 2020.
    • You will need to provide a copy of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) form in your own name to show you were an actively engaged student who was enrolled in a course at 31 March 2020.
  2. You have a current student or bridging visa (with a student visa application in process)
  3. You are currently located in Victoria, Australia
  4. You were employed in Victoria any time between March and July 2020, are in financial hardship due to lost work, and don’t have other financial support.

If any information in the application is found to be false or misleading, the grant will be repayable.

Read the detailed Eligibility criteria (Stream Two).

STEP THREE – Read the support information

Learn how to apply and prepare your documents.

Call us on 1800 056 449 if you have any questions. You can also request an interpreter, free of charge.

STEP FOUR – Prepare your supporting documentation

Our Application Guide (Stream Two) shows you how to apply and prepare your documents. Read this before you apply.

Your attachments must be in JPEG, PDF or PNG format.

Call us on 1800 056 449 if you need help with your documents.

STEP FIVE – Call us if you need help

Contact us on 1800 056 449 if you need support with your application. We’re here to help you. We can get an interpreter if you want one, free of charge.


1. Read the Application Guide

2. Get your supporting documents ready in JPEG, PDF or PNG format

3. Use a desktop or laptop computer


Start your application

You’ll need to register with Business Victoria to start your application.

Call 1800 056 449 if you need support. We can get an interpreter if you want one.