Melbourne’s diversity is one of the biggest benefits of studying here, and international students will be warmly embraced by a city known for celebrating its multicultural communities.

Melbourne is known for a lot of things: its vibrant nightlife, coffee culture and extensive public transport system.

But did you know that Melbourne is also known for its incredible diversity?

Home to more than 140 cultures, the city is a melting pot of people from every corner of the world, all with one thing in common: they’ve made Melbourne their home, whether for just a few months or for many years.

The history of Melbourne’s diversity

More than half of Melbourne’s residents - 55 per cent - were born overseas! When you arrive in Melbourne, you add to the city's rich migrant history, a quality about Melbourne that makes it a great global city.

Walking down the street, you’ll immediately feel how diverse Melbourne is as you hear accents from every continent. The city is traditionally home to Aboriginal, or First Nations, people of the Kulin Nation. The first migrants arrived as settlers from countries like England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They were soon joined by migrants from China, who flocked to Melbourne during the gold rush of the 1850s. Then, in the 20th Century, migrants from other parts of Europe arrived, including people from Italy and Greece. The late 20th Century saw people from Vietnam and Cambodia settle in Melbourne, and in recent years, migrants from India and Africa have arrived to make this their home, adding to the vibrancy of the multicultural city of Melbourne.

How Melbourne embraces being a multicultural city

Melburnians love food! Melbourne is world-famous for its restaurant culture, which reflects its cultural diversity. As an international student living in Melbourne you can explore the globe through food, all while staying within the same town! There’s Chinatown, right in the heart of the city, with some of the city’s best Asian restaurants. Meanwhile, Lygon Street, which is just around the corner from RMIT University and the University of Melbourne, is widely known as Little Italy, being home to restaurants serving up classic Italian food day and night. Along Lonsdale Street, near the State Library, you can find amazing Greek treats and coffee. And there is so much more!

Melbourne also celebrates its diverse roots through cultural celebrations and festivals throughout the year. From Lunar New Year to Diwali, street markets to festivals, the multicultural city of Melbourne knows how to embrace visitors from around the world. Exploring cultural experiences in Melbourne is a must for anyone who lives here. There are events devoted to food, dancing, and languages too, allowing you to engage in age-old traditions and share your heritage with pride. Speaking of languages, Melbourne provides many language services to help you settle in and get to know your way around. In fact, Melbourne’s inclusive environment is one of the biggest benefits of studying here.

For international students in Melbourne, the city’s multicultural nature extends to its world-class and wide-ranging education system. Melbourne’s inclusive environment provides many opportunities for international students from all around the world to make this place their home while they study at one of Melbourne’s renowned education institutions. You’ll have the chance to meet people from many different backgrounds and make plenty of friends and connections. Melbourne’s inclusive environment promotes cross-cultural understanding across its multicultural communities, creating a place of acceptance and unity that you’ll love.

Support services for international students in Melbourne

As an international student settling into the multicultural city of Melbourne, you might find that you need a bit of guidance. International students can face unique challenges. Fortunately, you can access comprehensive support services specifically designed for international students at the Study Melbourne Hub. This Hub is the place to go for information, support, advice and even study spaces that you can use to get your assignments done. The Study Melbourne Hub is an essential for international students in Melbourne.

Moving to a new city is a big step - but the cultural diversity in Melbourne makes it a great place for international students to take the next step and follow their dreams. There are so many benefits to studying in Melbourne, from obtaining a world-class degree to having the opportunity to enjoy its multicultural communities, and by moving here, you are adding to the city’s rich history that makes Melbourne such a great place to live.