Trying to help others understand why Melbourne and Victoria are their best choice for studying?

Feel free to use this collection of information, videos and tools!

Designed to engage prospective students and their parents or guardians, as well as address any potential questions they may have, our resources include:

  • student prospectus
  • testimonials by students
  • videos—including on what is life like in Melbourne, awards that recognise outstanding international students
  • collateral you can download and print.

For those who want to find out more

Useful for helping prospective students and their parents or guardians to decide if Melbourne or Victoria are ideal for their education and lifestyle needs

Discover Melbourne - Australia's best student city booklet

Our Discover Melbourne Booklet provides information about Melbourne - Australia's best student city.

Download (pdf, 1573.676Kb)

Courses and institutions

A guide to Victoria’s education and training institutions (4MB)

This lists Victoria’s 10 universities and 13 TAFEs, giving an overview of each institution, such as their courses and campus locations.

Download now (PDF, 1750.36 KB)

Vocational Education & Training in Victoria

A guide to Vocational Education and Training in Victoria

Download now (PDF, 1437.45 KB)

Courses and scholarships

Our website search tool allows you to easily find:

  • courses ranging from Certificate IV in Business Administration to PhD in Food Sciences and Technology
  • scholarships for studying in Victoria
  • schools, TAFEs, universities and other institutions in Victoria.

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Preparing for Melbourne and Victoria

Useful for helping prospective students and their parents or guardians to understand how to start a new life when they arrive

Study Melbourne Student Welcome

For students who have just arrived in Victoria, they can visit our Welcome to Melbourne and Victoria page for inspiration and support to help get them settled.

International Education Short Term Recovery Plan

The International Education Short-Term Recovery Plan outlines a comprehensive package of initiatives that will reset and stimulate the sector.

Download (pdf, 1258.904Kb)